Crazy 4 Poker | Little River Casino Resort

Crazy 4 Poker


The objective of the game is to make the best 4 card hand with the five cards received. This is a head-to-head play against the dealer. 

How to Play Crazy 4 Poker

You receive five cards to make your best four-card poker hand. A four-card Straight is a Straight; a four-card Flush is a flush, etc.


Make equal bets on the Ante and the Super Bonus spots. After seeing your card, you can fold or stay in the games by making the Play wager. The Play wager must match your Ante unless you have a Pair of Aces or better. If you have at least a pair of Aces, you may bet up to three times your Ante. The dealer qualifies with King-high or better. When you beat the dealer's qualifying hand, your Ante bet and Play bets win even money. When the dealer qualifies and beat your hand, your Ante Play bets lose. When the dealer does not qualify your Play bet wins and your Ante bet pushes. Super Bonus and Queens Up wagers are resolved normally.


The Super Bonus wins when you have straight or better. Failure to get at least a Straight, however, does not result in automatic loss. The Super Bonus pushes you have less than a Straight, but you beat or tie the dealer's hand. If your hand of Straight or better loses to the dealer, you still receive the Super Bonus payout. In addition, your original Super Bonus bet is not removed.

Super Bonus Payout Schedule

Hand Type

Ante Bonus Pays

Four Aces 200 to 1
Four-of-a-Kind 30 to 1
Straight Flush 15 to 1
Three-of-a-Kind 2 to 1
Flush 3 to 2
Straight 1 to 1


The Queens Up optional bonus bet wins when you receive a Pair of Queens or better. See layout for odds. Note: Winning Super Bonus and Queens Up wagers are paid regardless of the dealer’s hand.

Queens Up Payout Schedule

Hand Type

Pair Plus Pays

Four-of-a-Kind 50 to 1
Straight Flush 40 to 1
Three-of-a-Kind 7 to 1
Straight 3 to 1
Flush 2 to 1
Pair of Queens of Better 1 to 1