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Casino Credit

Enjoy the convenience
of Casino Credit.

Become cash independent and establish a FEE FREE, INTEREST FREE, credit line today. You can apply online, or stop by our Credit Office. Bring your checking account information or a copy of your check to apply in person. PLAY ANYTIME YOU WISH WITH CASINO CREDIT! Whether you’re a low-limit player or like to play big, enjoy the advantages of Casino Credit.

Casino Credit is a line of credit with no fees, or interest charged. You can access your credit in increments as you play to eliminate the need to carry around a lot of cash, plus it saves on expensive ATM fees.

Once set up, accessing your casino credit is easy. Simply visit the cage to obtain money for slot play.  You can access your credit line at the tables to obtain chips for uninterrupted play.

Enjoy the convenience of Casino Credit. Apply today.

Call 231-398-4050 to speak directly with a representative in the credit office. 

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